Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

Greetings From Pastor Rick


Dear loved ones, Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

These are difficult times. The world-wide spread of Covid-19 – the Coronavirus – has affected us all in one way or another. Life has changed rapidly. Far too rapidly than we care for. There are many unknowns and I am certain there will be new challenges ahead.

Some things we know for certain: The virus has spread throughout the world very quickly. The virus has serious or deadly consequences for those in vulnerable populations, including the elderly and those with ongoing health issues.

Our government is taking dramatic measures to slow the spread of the virus and make certain that health care is provided to those who need it. Whether you agree with the decisions being made, or not, these are the decisions. Yesterday, the CDC and President Trump called for a limit of no more than 10 person gatherings. Governor Waltz has also taken dramatic measures by temporarily closing restaurants, bars, theaters, museums and other gathering places to in-house activities and services.

Bishop Ough of the Minnesota Annual Conference has called for all United Methodist Churches in Minnesota to suspend in-person worship services through the end of March. Furthermore, he has called for the postponement or cancellation of all non-essential, in-person meetings and small group activities during this timeframe.

Therefore, the Springfield United Methodist Church will comply with the Bishop’s call and suspend all services and non-essential meetings until the end of March. At that time we will reevaluate based on new information and directives.

  • I will continue to hold virtual worship services on Sunday morning at 10:30. Instructions and links to attend the service will be made available once format and delivery methods are determined.
  • The church will continue to operate. I will hold regular office hours and be available for anyone. I will provide for any pastoral needs, including visitation and communion. We might need to be creative. I will also be available 24/7 through phone calling and text. If you have any needs or concerns, please contact me. My telephone number is 507-822-3359. The church number is 507-723-6698.
  • Communication is vitally important. We will update our website and FaceBook pages regularly when information becomes available. They are: and We will also communicate by email and phone when necessary and appropriate.

What can you do? A LOT!

  • PRAYERS – Pray for those infected with the virus, health care providers, and all those in our congregation and community. Pray unceasingly for God’s intervention and protection.
  • GIFTS – The church will continue to incur expense. You are urged to mail your weekly offering to Deb Beyer at 506 E. Maple St., Springfield, MN 56087 or drop off your offering at the church. In addition, you can sign up for automatic direct giving. A PDF attachment of the form is available at the church.
  • SERVICE – Throughout history, Christians have stepped up by showing Christ’s love during times of crisis. We are working on volunteer opportunities for all members that include:
  • Grocery shopping and delivery.
  • Medication pickup and delivery.
  • Rides to health care providers or other essential services.
  • Urging you to support local business wherever and whenever you can. 
  • Calling and cards. You can show love to each other and the greater community with calls and cards of encouragement and prayer. 

Please contact me as the Spirit directs your heart to volunteer. I would like to begin to build a list of those who are willing to help.

Let us show our community and the world how we practice grace upon grace and not fear upon fear. Get creative in how you go about helping others and sharing the faith. Maintain your relationships with one another. Initiate new relationships. Take care of one another; show Christ’s love. I am always open to listening to you and receiving your suggestions and ideas. 

I love you all and the thought of having a funeral for any one of you because of this virus crushes my soul. Use the intelligence God has given you, be safe and help others be safe. Additionally, I ask for your prayers and support.

Together, with God as our Rock and Helper, we will get through this unpredictable journey. Jesus walks with us and knows each of us and loves us just as we are. The Holy Spirit will guide and help us. Keep your eyes on the God who holds you in His hands. Have faith. Love one another as He loves you.

May the peace of God enfold us,
The love of God uphold us,
The wisdom of God control us.

Pastor Rick