About Us


Pastor Rick & Sue Frederickson

Pastor Rick and his wife Sue joined us in July, 2018. They are excited to share a ministry of love, hope, biblical teaching and community outreach to Springfield. Rick says " I love people and community. I want a relationship with others that reflects my relationship with Jesus Christ: -open, humble, honest, loving and caring."

Pastor Rick can be contacted at: pastor.rickfred@gmail.com



Joyce Schwarzrock

Administrative Assistant Joyce Schwarzrock always has a friendly smile. She has been helping people in the church and community for longer than she'll admit. If you need information on activities, times or schedules, Joyce is the person to talk to.

Joyce can be reached at: sumc@newulmtel.net



All Of Us

We are a multi-generational family of God with programming, worship and love in our hearts for everyone. Just like everyone else, sometimes change is scary to us. But we've found that

Jesus leads us into new paths of caring and ministry and

he is always faithful. We like our traditions, but we embrace the new and exciting possibilities that God has for us. Come join

us on our journey!